A short sale in Temecula,CA

A short sale in Temecula CA 
can be your best option this year if you need to sell your property.

2013 is turning out to be the best year for homeowners needing to sell their properties using the short sale process. All sorts of protections and programs have come together this year to help.

  1. Calif Homeowners Bill of Rights
  2. H.A.F.A  the US Treasury program
  3. Lender incentives to cooperate in the short sale $$
  4. Senate Bill SB458 – No Deficiency
  5.  And Realty Works Temecula where you will find the best Temecula Short Sale Agents.


Sidney Kutchuk

Temecula Short Sale Specialist and Real Estate Broker. Sidney Kutchuk - Temecula Real Estate Broker Realty Works Temecula 41720 Winchester Road #J Temecula CA 92590 951-215-6745

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