Are you ready now to get a check for $30,000.00?

Are you ready to get a check for $30,000.00? Approved Temecula Short Sale

The above is the text message I sent my client today.
I have been working their Temecula short sale for almost a year now.

This Temecula Short sale has, had many ups and downs and had the foreclosure sale date set three times.
I have worked hard to get the foreclosure sale date postponed all three three times.

It has been approved twice and cancelled twice.

The lender is Chase Bank on the 1st loan and Real Time Resolutions for the second.It has been a
total nightmare to sync up these two lenders. Chase Bank has been very responsive and has offered the seller’s $30,000.00
Real Time Resolutions was not happy to see the sellers getting $30,000.00 and they refused to approve the short sale unless they could get half of it $15,000.00

Very long story short,I got RTR (2nd lien holder) the $15,000.00 they required to approve the short sale and release their lien. I was also able kept the $30,000.00 incentive from Chase intact for my clients the sellers. We’re ready now to finally close this short sale, so I set this text message to my worn and beat-down clients.
“Are U ready for a check for $30,000.00”
Their instant  response……. WooHooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Praise God!!!!! Thank you so much for all you hard work on this!!!!! We appreciate you so much!! Thank Youuu!! (Happy Face). 


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