Greed at Real Time Resolutions, Inc. is bad business.

Greed at Real Time Resolutions, Inc. is bad business.

I have a  HAFA short sale approval from CHASE  for my sellers through a special program from the VP at CHASE.
This program offers the homeowner $30,000 to make a fresh start. Sounds to good to be true, but it is true. Here is the letter.

Real Time Resolutions has also been  offered an incentive of $6,000.00 to release their lien on this home.
You would think that this is a sweat deal and all parties would look forward to closing this transaction and move on.

Well the Short Sale Analyst at Real Time Resolutions wants the sellers to give up their CHASE  incentive and pass it on to them.
They will not approve the short sale with the incentive going to the seller. I have pointed out to Real Time Resolutions that this is a HAFA approved short sale and they are being offer the maximum allowed. Also in California the seller is not allowed to contribute any funds to the lender in a short sale ( SB458 ).

They countered with and email that they would be forced to close this file or they would now settle for half of the buyers incentive.
I again had to point out that the seller can not offer them any funds, it the law. They responded that it  is bad business to offer the seller an incentive yet I think its bad business to force a foreclosure were their investor would net a minus $0  instead of the $6,000.00 incentive offered them.

I was told by Real Time Resolution that it did not matter to who I escalated this file to at RTR and that I would receive the same answer.

I think the  greed at Real Time Resolutions is bad business, why would they want a home to go to foreclosure and not agree to the terms offered by the US Treasury HAFA program.


Sidney Kutchuk

Temecula Short Sale Specialist and Real Estate Broker. Sidney Kutchuk - Temecula Real Estate Broker Realty Works Temecula 41720 Winchester Road #J Temecula CA 92590 951-215-6745

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