Short Sale Help

Temecula enjoyed one of the biggest local growth markets in real estate in the entire country in the years 2004-2006. Many families bought their first home, or moved to the high desert for a new lifestyle and a large, new and comfortable home to raise their families. Jobs were plentiful and the future held a lot of promise for everyone. Then the extent of what the banks and government controlled lenders were not telling anyone became a financial avalanche creating disaster for millions of homeowners. You are not alone. This is still happening right now to thousands of people every month as jobs disappear and incomes fall to fractions of just a few years ago.

You’ve tried everything to make ends meet and stay in your home, but the situation has become impossible and unsustainable. You need a solution that works in a way that you and your family can survive and thrive in a better future. We are here to help you through the only thing that can avert a complete financial disaster leading to foreclosure and even bankruptcy. You need the expertiese of a Temecula short sale specialist. I bring you many years of helping homeowners avoid the worst and obtain the best from their circumstances. Call Sidney Kutchuk Realty Works Broker & Temecula Short Sale Specialist 951-215-6745.