Short Sales are no longer the banks dirty little secret.

Short Sales are no longer the banks dirty little secret.

It wasn’t to long ago that if you were behind on your mortgage and called your lender for help, there was none!
If you needed to sell your home and couldn’t due to current market conditions and your hardship they would not offer you any help,you would just get the run around. Yet if you were very persistent or had an agent who is a short sale specialist you could get help.

I know this because I have been helping my clients get short sale approvals for over 16 years. My clients would first call their lenders and get a deaf ear. Lenders did not want the word to get out that they would discount your loan via a short sale. They always could help you,they just tried to keep it a secret & very low-key.

Well they get it now,its been proved over and over again. A short sale saves the lender/investor money! So much so that the lenders have done a complete 180. Now they are paying you to cooperate in a short sale. If you call your lender today they no longer play dumb and will tell you to call a short sale specialist.  A short sale is an option for you and it’s no secret. Call me and ask me how I can help you with no out-of-pocket costs.
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