Temecula short sale agent and broker Sidney Kutchuk explains the Short Sale process.

Temecula short sale agent and broker Sidney Kutchuk explains the Short Sale Process. 

BY now most homeowners have an idea of what a short sale is but don’t know if it is the right option for them. A short sale will present itself as the best option to most homeowners if they….

Can no longer afford to make the mortgage payment.
Need to move or relocate and can not sell the home due to current market values.
Divorce or court orders a home to be sold.
Nearing retirement and you need to downsize and reserve your capital.
Or you just got in over your head and need a fresh start.

A short sale gives you a controlled exit  to today’s crazy real estate market and a complete break from a bad mortgage with no deficiency owed to your lender and no tax issues when you are a owner occupied home seller.

What does it cost you to sell your home as a short sale. All costs are paid by your lender not you.You will have no-out-of-pocket costs and in many of my short sales I have been able to get you a check at the closing. These checks range from $1,500 to $30,000.00 with most sellers getting $3,000.00 at the close of a short sale.

Will you have to have a sign and lock-box on your home and be invaded by agents and buyers?
NO,I will keep your short sale low key with no drama. My marketing is talored to you and your familys needs. My system works and your home will be in escrow within the two weeks. Once I have secured a buyer the short sale process starts with your lenders. Currenty it is taking me 3 months to get the short sale approval letter from your lender and with that in hand we then have 30 days to close. All in all total time from start to finish of your short sale is 4 months.  

The above is an outline of what I am currently seeing with todays Temecula Short Sales process. Please contact me direct by phone or email so I can go over the short sale process with you and give you a more speific detailed plan and time line based on your home and the loans you have and current laws..

Sidney Kutchuk

Sidney Kutchuk is the Broker at Realty Works Temecula. As a Temecula Short Sale Specialist Sidney Kutchuk is helping Temecula CA homeowners avoid Foreclosure. 951-215-6745

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