Temecula Short Sale Agents – Choosing The Right Agent For You

Many homeowners in Temecula are faced with losing their homes due to foreclosure. Short Sales are becoming a more and more popular alternative to foreclosure among homeowners facing the foreclosure process.

Many homeowners do not understand what foreclosure is; let alone what foreclosure alternative options are available. A foreclosure is when a homeowner is no longer able to make their mortgage payments due to financial hardship or other life changes that someone may be going through. Foreclosure is a legal procedure that a financial lender or a bank goes through to recover the property.

One effective alternative to foreclosure is a short sale. A short sale is when a homeowner is qualified by their lender or bank to sell their house for less than what is actually owed on their mortgage note.

Temecula Short Sale Agents know how important that it is to choose the right agent. The best agents have the experience and patience that it takes to handle this complicated short sale package. Now that we have generally explained what a Temecula short sale is, the first step to take is contacting one of our agents. One of our short sale agents will be able to provide you with more specific information on the qualifying criteria to start the short sale process.

Please note that there is no telling how long a short sale will take. There are many factors that influence the short sale process. Every homeowner has unique circumstances, different lenders that they work with and different obstacles that they must face.

When choosing an agent it is important that you select your short sale agent carefully. Foreclosure is a complicated real estate transaction and should not be trusted to just anyone with a real estate license. The agent that you choose should be familiar and well versed in the short sale process. A short sale is a time consuming and detailed process: knowledge, experience, persistence and patience are key elements to a successful short sale.

Any licensed real estate agent can legally list a short sale, however there are very few agents out there that have the necessary skills to negotiate with lenders and junior lien holders. It takes knowledge and experience to successfully market and sell a short sale home. Our team of Temecula short sale agents specialize in short sales, have the knowledge and experience in every aspect. Our Temecula short sale agents will successfully maneuver you through the short sale process.

The level of agent that you choose to work with will be one of the key factors that ultimately determine how successful and how quick your short sale may be. If you have any further questions on what a short sale is and to determine if a short sale would be the right choice for you, please feel free to contact our office and speak with our Broker Sidney Kutchuk or one of our professional Temecula short sale agents. Through our experience and knowledge we will help to put you on the right path to a successful Temecula short sale and a more hopeful out look and fresh start on your financial future. 951-217-6745.

Sidney Kutchuk

Sidney Kutchuk is the Broker at Realty Works Temecula. As a Temecula Short Sale Specialist Sidney Kutchuk is helping Temecula CA homeowners avoid Foreclosure. 951-215-6745

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