Temecula Short Sales and HAFA

If you’re a Temecula homeowner facing the real possibility of foreclosure, you may have been hearing references to the acronym, HAFA. HAFA, the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program, introduced by the Treasury Department in 2009, is for the homeowner with unresolved financial issues and in a mortgage crisis. You may feel alone in your struggle to cope with foreclosure and the mounting pressures of your mortgage. You may feel that options that can really help you are in short supply. When you’re facing foreclosure, catastrophe and devastation seem to be hanging over you like a dark cloud and they often actually are that close.

There is hope for you and it’s just a call away. HAFA may be the answer for Temecula homeowners just like you. Maybe you’ve already tried to get a loan modification under the HAMP program and the lender acted like it was a joke or that it was never even a remote possibility, crushing your hopes further. If you have been turned down for the HAMP program you should be able qualify for HAFA short sale program.

HAFA provides Temecula homeowners with a much brighter option to foreclosure through the short sale process. The program provides benefits to homeowners in the form of up to $3,000 cash that you get at closing and their are NO REALTOR FEES. There are also some incentives for your lender to participate in the HAFA program although they are not required to.

Eligibility requirements and documentation are similar to those for HAMP, so if you’ve applied for HAMP, most of the work is already done. HAFA Guidelines are somewhat general and qualifications are often interpreted by the lender. The program qualifications are more fluid and have already undergone changes in how it works. Your experienced Temecula short sale agent will know how these guidelines and changes influence your short sale.

Getting your HAFA short sale approved allows you to be totally released from liability on your mortgage. This is called a deficiency waver.

Now is the time to contact your Temecula short sale agents for expert help from the experienced and successful team at Realty Works Temecula . They have an established record of closed sales and many fortunate homeowners who found relief from the burden of overwhelming financial circumstances. Call us today at 951-217-6745  for the first step in your own answer to and permanent relief from your mortgage and financial problems that left unresolved, get worse with every passing day..

Sidney Kutchuk

Sidney Kutchuk is the Broker at Realty Works Temecula. As a Temecula Short Sale Specialist Sidney Kutchuk is helping Temecula CA homeowners avoid Foreclosure. 951-215-6745

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