The short sale process. Fast or Slow they get approved.

Temecula short Sale Process

The short sale process timing.

  Short Sale Timing,Fast or Slow?

One of the most common question my clients ask me about the short sale process is: How long does a Short Sale       Take?
  Even now as we keep hearing from the lenders that they are streamlining the short sale process. Some short sales
are still taking 90+ day to get approved.

Then I can have another client with the same lender take less than 30 days to get the short sale approved. I work then all the same and the timing for the approval letters  is never the same,but they do get Approved!  My message here  is the same for all seller’s  give me time, 30 to 90 days and I will get your short sale approved.

Temecula Short Sale Agent, Cyber Sid 

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