Yes you can Short Sale your Temecula CA Home.

Yes you can Short Sale your Temecula CA Home.


Thinking about selling your Temecula home? Wondering if you qualify for a short sale?
Yes you can and yes you do. Now is the time to short sale your home if… you can no longer
make sense of continuing to hold it. Not all short sales are started with seller’s in distress.  


Before the real estate bubble burst, many of us looked to buy a home for investment or retirement. Well it did not work out for many of us and now that home is a non-performing asset. Banks know this term well and when they have a non-performing asset they dump it. You can do the same. You need to look out for yourself and your family first. Now is the time to use the option of a Strategic Short Sale. Your lender is open, as never before to work with you, but only if you take the lead. Now is the right time for you to start a short sale. Shed that non-performing asset. Strategically short sale your Temecula or Murrieta CA property. Let me show you how to get started now.  951-215-6745


Sidney Kutchuk

Temecula Short Sale Specialist and Real Estate Broker. Sidney Kutchuk - Temecula Real Estate Broker Realty Works Temecula 41720 Winchester Road #J Temecula CA 92590 951-215-6745

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