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Why Temecula Short Sales are confusing? | 951-217-6745

Why does a short sale seem to be so confusing.

In order for your lender to go forward with a Short Sale they must also comply with many rules of compliance.
This compliance adds many layers of  what will seem and is duplication to the short sale process. In this short sale video Sidney Kutchuk broker at Realty Works Temecula talks about three of the key items that tend to confuse homeowners the most during the short sale process.

Uniform Borrower Assistance Form 710 now in effect.

Uniform Borrower Assistance Form 710 now in effect.

Effective Nov. 1, the Uniform Borrower Assistance Form 710 is now included in the foreclosure solicitation letter for all Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and military short sales and deeds in lieu of foreclosure transactions.

The new form streamlines the document collection process and reduces the number of forms required by obtaining financial information from a delinquent borrower, or a borrower in imminent default, earlier in the process.

Borrowers will now be required to submit the hardship documentation set forth in Form 710 to demonstrate a valid long-term or permanent hardship for modifications, including HAMP modifications.  This form replaces the Home Affordable Request for Modifications and Affidavit and the Fannie Mae Form 1020 (Borrower’s Financial Form).

Source.. C.A.R. Calif Assoc of Realtors..

Temecula Short Sale Approvals | 951-217-6745

Temecula Short Sale Approvals | 951-217-6745 

Temecula Certified Short Sale Expert

Temecula Short Sale Expert

Just closed another Temecula Short Sale.Best part of this job is when it’s over and I get to thank the Temecula homeowner for trusting me to get them through the short sale process.  Just called my client with the good news and followed up with my thank you email. Below was their reply. Another happy short sale client.

Hi Sidney,
We received your message. Thank you for making this very emotional time so easy and drama-free. You are by far, one of the most professional individuals we have ever worked with and I will highly recommend you to all my friends and family for any real estate needs that they have.
Take care =)